Diet Guide

Diet Pills Buyer’s Guide and Rules of Success:

Rule #1: Insure your diet product has a toll free number for ordering and questions. Legitimate merchants will offer this extra service.

Rule #2: Insure an official Buy/guarantee (yellow and blue logo), Verified by Visa and Mastercard seals for trusted merchants.

Rule #3: Seek a 90 count bottle to ensure you get more product for your money (we’ve seen products with as little as 20-30 pills)

Rule #4: Use our top 10 diet pills rating chart before you shop.

Rule #5: Avoid diet scams including ‘free trials’ or, ‘free samples’ that require a credit/debit card. These are nothing more than delayed billing programs that will charge you automatically once they have your credit card number!

Rule #6: Avoid diet patches – the FTC notes that all diet patches are scams!

Rule #7: Avoid weight loss claims of more than 2 lbs/week. The FTC notes such claims as scams! (i.e. lose 20 lbs in 30 days or lose a 7 lbs in a week)

Finally check our top diet product recommendations at, we constantly review, rate and test new diet aides to bring you the best working diet products in the market.