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Zetacap Diet Pill Review
Zetacap is the well market “gastric bypass pill” with late night spots on TV.  The Zetacap diet pill is advertised seemingly exclusively on TV and only third party websites we’ve found with Zetacap diet pills were located.  However, we were unable to reach parties at those sites.  Moreover, these sites did not show the full Zetacap ingredients list on those sites.  Addtionaly, the online Zetacap marketers did not seem to provide any money back guarantee.  Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that we haven’t actually seen a Zetacap diet pill TV commercial in quite a while.

Zetacap Diet Pill Ingredients

As far as we could tell Zetacao seems to comes with glucomannan, a common diet pill ingredients that requires at minimum 1000mg to aide in supressing the appetite. 

Zetacap Diet Pill Summary

Without the full ingredients list and quantities of each ingredient our thoughts turn to will Zetacap really work as advertised?  But, with no recent Zetacap diet pill late night commercials marketing to begin with,  perhaps Zetacap diet pill marketing may have been has been discontinued? 

Perhaps Zetacap falling sales due to decreasing popularity of the Zetacap diet pill have something to do with its falling sale and corressponding marketing? 

Finally, from reports we’ve researched it seems a similar named diet aide called “Zanocap” may have now replaced Zetacap?

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