Trimspa X32

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Trimspa X32 is a line of diet pills. They are sub-titled, “Anna Nicole Signature Formula Spa Collection”.    Trimspa X32 contains a number of ingredients which are designed to help you lose weight.   Here’s a list of the key ingredients:

Chromium Chelavite – helps you control sugar cravings and helps your metabolism run more smoothly.

Hoodia – this is a well-known and effective natural substance that has been used by African tribes to suppress hunger.

Glucomannan – helps you feel full.

Green Tea Extract – a well known, healthy substance (antioxidant) that raises your metabolism naturally to help your burn extra calories.

Citrus Naringin – which helps curb your appetite and provides some fiber which can help you feel full without eating extra calories.

Glucosamine – this slows down the absorbtion of sugar in your blood so that it is less likely to become fat.

Vanadium – helps supress your appetite both physically and mentally.

Anna Nicole Smith endorsed and promoted Trimspa as their spokeswomen/spokesmodel. She lost over 50lbs!

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