Thyroid Diet

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For some people, excess weight is a sign of thyroid disease or hypothyroidism. If you’re one of these people, this diet may be right for you.  

This is a diet which focuses on people with Thyroid problems that trigger weight gain. It promotes low-glycemic index, high-fiber, and low-calorie foods.

Also, the timing of when you eat meals is controlled for maximum hormonal impact. There are thyroid-damaging foods that you should avoid as well. Herbal and other supplements are also suggested.

From the back-cover of “The Thyroid Diet”:

Is an undiagnosed thyroid condition causing you to pack on the ponds?

For more than 25 million Americans it may be due to the metabolic slowdown of a malfunctioning gland. The Thyroid Diet will help many previously unsuccessful dieters get diagnosed and treated — and proper thyroid treatment might be all that is needed to successfully lose weight. Even after optimal treatment, however, weight problems plague many thyroid patients. For those patient, The Thyroid Diet will identify the many frustrating impediments to weight loss, and offer solutions–both conventional and alternative — to help. Discussing optimal dietary changes, thyroid-damaging food to avoid, and metabolism-supporting herbs and supplements, it contains several different eating plans, food lists, and a set of delicious and healthy gourmet recipes. With handy worksheets to use in weight-loss tracking and a special resource section featuring Websites, books, and support groups, here is vital help for millions.

Most people who are overweight do not have a Thyroid problem.

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