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Slimvia Reviewed

Dr Kirby’s, Slimvia is yet another diet pill in a long list of weight loss products available on the market, Slimvia claims to be life ‘empowering’.  Slimiva uses a calorie restricted diet and portion control as part of its diet regiment.  However, Slimvia’s  ingredients list reveals its is made with vitamins and minerals and a few fillers.  Slimvia does not seem to provide any clinically scientifically backed  weight loss ingredients at all.  Slimvia is somewhat puzzeling considering the multivitamin approach it takes without the weight loss ingredients consumers come to expect in a potent diet pill.

Slimvia states that the amount of weekly weight loss to expect is higher than the medically recommended amount and in violation of the FTC’s weight loss red flag claims to watch out for.   

Slimvia Another Auto-bill Program

When consumers order any of the three Slimvia packages, the customer receives ‘free’ Slim Club membership which is really just another name for an auto-billing program.

Slimvia Ingredients
Slimvia packages a blend of vitamins and herbal extracts. The ingredients  include chromium, spirulina, ginger, ascorbic acid, thiamine and magnesium. There are also a number of vitamins (C, E, B1 and B2) plus L-Carnitine.

Slimvia works by creating a feeling of fullness but users may need to take so  2-3 capsules before each meal up to as many as 9 per day.

From our analysis one of the ingredients contained in Slimvia are beneficial for weight loss, apart from chromium. There is nothing that will help speed the metabolism, nor is there any Hoodia Gordonii, a proven appetite suppressant.

Slimvia Diet Summary
Slimvia does not show a single clinical trials.  Slimvia lacks any proven weight loss ingredients and the Slimvia weight loss package includes possible unwanted enrolment into the Slimvia auto-billing program.  Clearly, any dieter relying on Slimvia would need to eat a low calorie controlled diet and perform regular exercise in order to lose weight.  Consumers may opt to  buy similar multi vitamin pills at a health food stores for much less.

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