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SlimQuick Review

SlimQuick is marketed as the world’s first and most advanced fat burner designed for woman.  SlimQuick claims to be “scientifically engineered” to help women “overcome the physiological and hormonal barriers” of losing fat.   According to the advertising we’ve come accress, Slim Quick’s 6 “exclusive complexes” are not only backed by science but are “aimed at supporting fat loss through separate mechanisms.”   It seem obvious to us that SlimQuick has a lot of clever hyped marketing and advertising to the  female weight loss market segment.  We were not able to find  independent human trials supporting all the Slim Quick claims.   Moreover, where Slimquick markets its weight loss product as just for women, our experts couldn’t find supporting evidence to lend credibility to this audacious claim.

Slim Quick Diet Formula

Clearly with no clear cut evidence, one must conclude that Slimquick is neither quick, nor slimming.  Our researchers at the Diet Institute cut through the jargon and reviewed the actual ingredients in Slimquick.  We found that many of them boast a variety of health benefits for menstrual cramps vs. weight loss.  The Estrotrim Complex contains vitex agnus-castus, which relieves menstrual cramps; and soy isoflavones, which boost estrogen levels. 

The Cortifem Complex contains cholesterol-reducing beta-sisosterol, recovery-speeding phophatidylserine, performance enhancing rhodiola rosea extract, and mood-enhancing and theanine.

The Aquaplex Complex has dandelion leaf, a vitamin-filled diuretic; and horse tail extract, a calcium-storing diuretic.

The Xtend Complex has food additives, vitamins, and black pepper.

Only the Nutritherm Complex seems to really focus on weight loss, with green tea leaf to boost metabolism and burn fat; cocoa bean to increase fat release, and yerba mate leaf to hike energy and quell hunger. Oh, and also—for some reason—clary sage to relieve PMS cramps.

A very small amount of Slimquick can help in weight loss. More than half of what you’re paying for is a combination of PMS relief and fillers.

Slimquick’s formula also has some questionable ingredients, like uva ursi, which can be toxic in large doses; and hydroquinone, which has been linked to liver damage in animal tests.

Slim Quick Weight Loss Results
Slim quick shies away from any promises and notes that results vary.  When it comes weight loss aides, is Slimquick is worth the gamble?

SlimQuick Customer Service
The makers of Slimquick—NxCare, NxLabs, and Wellnx Life Sciences—have no rating whatsoever with the Better Business Bureau. But with a little digging, we discovered the companies have less favorable history.

In 2007, two women sued the makers of Slimquick for false advertising and deceptive trade practice, after discovering that two of the women who gave testimonials in the products’ packing were in relationships with company officials. By 2008, consumers from 16 states joined in filing lawsuits against the company.

Slim Quick Consumer Feeback our Research Uncovered

“Slimquick doesn’t work, at all! I took a full month of the Slimquick Extreme, the next month I teamed it with the Slimquick Cleanse (followed directions) and nothing. I used the water flavor packets, and followed the diet and exercise plan…a big fat nothing, other than me standing there angry at the scale. Not even a pound for encouragement!” — Steph

“I started taking it to try and help me drop like 10 pnds and I acutally gained weight.  I kept the same lifestyle as before I started taking the pill, I didn’t eat alot, I worked out a couple times a week….at first I thought it was imagining it but I really was gaining weight!!  Based on my experiance i would definitly NOT recommend this product!!” – Megan C

SlimQuick Money-back guarantee
Slimquick does not provide a money-back guarantee.

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