Sarah Jessica Parker Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Diet Secrets

While Sex in the City star, Sarah Jessica Parker recently admitted in a recent interview that she loves to eat, it doesn’t seem to have impacted her slender, size zero figure.  When interviewed, Sarah described how she and her husband plan their next meal while they’re eating their current one. It’s clear that food is a passion for this super star, so how does Sarah Jessica do it, stay super skinny? Let’s find out:

Sarah Jessica Parker diet secrets

Sarah Jessica Parker, walks to most places instead of riding in a car.  Sarah Jessica describes her exercise strategy as consistent “everyday exercise” meaning she walks instead of riding in a car or taxicab. She’s also an avid stair climber during her daily activities. If given the opportunity, she’ll travel to the next floor by running the stairs rather than taking the elevator.

Using everyday acitivities to spur addd exercise is gaining more traction.  And with added credibility in the world of fitness and even new studies showing that it works more fitness experts are incorporating the frequent short chores as exercise.  The added activity can help help burn calories without you hitting the gym.

Like Sarah Jessica Parker, you can burn more fat and achieve greater fitness by walking instead of riding in a car, and climbing the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator.  Many report that this sort of activity can you from getting bored and can get the job done for chores and activities that have to be done anyway.  

However, starts like Sarah Jessica Parker have other diet secrets, many use fast acting diet pills to get even faster results.  You didn’t think that all of Hollywood got those figures without the use of some diet products along the way?  did you?  See more about hollywood’s real diet secrets here.

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