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What is Phentremine-X?

Phentremine-X also known as Phentremine, is not to be confused with Phentermine. If you have EVER tried to do research on the extremely popular and effective anti-obesity drug Phentermine, I am sure you have seen tons of ads for a product called Phentremine-X. No – That is not a typo. They flip-flopped the ‘r’ and the ‘e’ and whammo – you have a product that is easily confused with a prescription drug.

Phentremine-X claims to be “Rated Number One Diet Pill for Successful Weight Loss.” This diet pill claims to be rated higher than top prescription medications for weight loss. That’s a pretty tall order for a diet pill. Let’s see if this company can back up their claims

The Phentremine-X website doesn’t do too much to try and differentiate itself from Phentermine – so their site can be totally confusing and even misleading to consumers.

Phentermine diet pills ingreidnets

Phentremine diet pills’ main ingredients are South African Hoodia Gordonii, Bitter Orenge and Evodamine, caffenine, Alfa Lipoic Acid, Senna Extract etc.

Phentremine Brands.

Phentremine diet pills brands seem to include Phentremine, Phentremine-X, Phentremine Civ-xR.

Phentremine Civ-xR is a non prisciption pill

Side Effects of phetremine

Avoid drinking alcohol. It can increase side effects of this medication.
You may have withdrawal symptoms i.e., if you take the pills for a very long time, while stopping you may feel headache, dizziness for few day.

Phentermine-X Background

Phentermine-X is a $50 Hoodia Gordonii diet supplement. Yeah, I know – $50 for some Hoodia Gordonii is crazy! Phentremine-X also contains some citrus aurantium, caffeine and alpha lipoic acid. Still not justifying $50. At less then $5 to manufacture, that is almost a 2000% markup!

Is Phentremine-X the “Best way to lose weight”?

If you believe the hype on their website then sure it is. According to the site, Phentremine-X was also “Rated the #1 Diet Pill for Successful Weightloss”. Rated by who, they don’t tell you. If in fact Phentremine-X received any award, I am sure they would link to it. But guess what? There is no link, nor do they site who gave them this “award”. Another ‘fact’ from their website that is great is “Phentremine-X is simply the best appetite suppressant that is available on the market today!”

Again, what data do they provide to back this up?

The Phentremine X marketers position this diet pill as a natural alternative to Phentermine, ephedra, ephedrine, and prescription Fastin and splash their website with a few random testimonials here and there. Basically, this marketing is the same old hype without information to back up any claims. Apart from the misleading name and marketing tactics, Phentermine-X does not back up its product with any sort of guarantee. If a company truly believes that its product works, it will guarantee it.

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