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Phentremine-X:  Another cheap Phentermine rip-off?

Phentremine-X, is a well marketed diet pill that claims to be an appetite suppressant.  Phentremine-X, similar sounding and very close spelling to the control drug diet pill Phentermine was cleverly designed.  Phentremine-X sounding like the real thing (the controlled drug Phentermine) can easily confuse the consumer to conjuring the controlled drug when reviewing the Phentremine-X diet pill.  Since the Phentremine-X diet pills was pulled from the market by the DEA due to its addiction, abuse and safety concerns, marketers have been creating similar sounding natural and or supplement diet pills that do not require a prescription to order online. Phentremine-X is one of the no prescription herbal diet supplements. However, Phentremine-X is not a drug and of course is nothing like the controlled drug Phentermine.

While the scientificilly based ingredients behind Phentermine consisted of an amphetamine ingredient that affected neurotransmitters and appetite and worked incredibly well, Phentremine-X has a very different formula vs. the controlled drug Phentermine.  Clearly, the marketers behind Phentremine-X are making use of the well known and famous Phentermine controlled drug name with similar spelling and sounding name to get their product more easily recognized. All the while Phentremine-X is very different and not at all the controlled drug consumers may believe it is. Imagine coming upon a restaurant with yellow arches called Mcdonaldz, but you would sell burgers and hotdogs vs. no hotdog the the real McDonalds.

Take a look at the list of other Phentermine sounding products that are not the real thing but over the counter supplements that do not require a prescription including:



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