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I’ve been using the Phenternin diet pill for 7 weeks and I can sure feel its effects.  I’ve noticed my appetite drop and along with that I’ve gotten motivated to lose weight for the first time.  I’ve even been able to fit into my tight blue jeans from 3 years ago.  After 2 babies that’s quite an accomplishment for me.  The trick for me was to find something I could take at work, at home and use it to further motivate myself to drop the weight.  I’m now only 12 lbs from my target.  I’d recommend Phenternin to anyone seriously seeking to lose weight without the typical diet pill jitters. 


My problem has always been overeating. I get into these stressful ruts during the day and the munching starts and doesn’t end until I’m way too full. I have to admit I wasn’t sure what expect and how much the Phenternin diet would help me lose my hunger, but it really worked great. I felt my appetite disappear and I lost 26 pounds in 15 weeks. Our vacation photos were just incredible. Hope, USA


I love phenternin, it is a great weight loss pill. I’ve been on it for abount 6 weeks and have lost just over 11 pounds! It feels gggreat! This is the best diet pill I’ve tried thus far and I’ve tried quite a few. It totally suppressed my hunger pains and let me focus on losing the weight. The trick is to get motivated and phenternin allowed me to do that when I began to eat less. I even switched to more healthy low cal foods and did not feel hungry. I tried Phenternin because it is made with hoodia, but comes in a pure and authentic south african hoodia formulation in a large amount which makes all the difference. That’s likely why is worked better than other diet pills I tried.

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