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Phenterex is a non-prescription, Phentermine alternative, diet pill with a combination of ingredients that help you lose weight and keep it off. 

Phenterex causes your brain to think it’s full. It helps keep food off your mind. It’s an appetite suppressant, but a new kind that works right in your brain. But, Phenterex is not a prescription pill. In fact, it’s made from all-natural ingredients, that you may have already heard of:

Hoodia Gordonii – This is a cactus-like plant from Africa that has been used for generations by tribes there. It naturally suppresses appetite.

Gymnema Sylvestris – A plant from India that keeps your blood sugar levels under control. This helps control cravings you might get from blood sugar levels spiking.

Guarana (seed) – This is a South American bean that enhances your energy level. It naturally energizes you.

Chromium Polynicotinate – This is a proven ingredient that helps balance your blood sugar levels and keep your metabolism running smoothly.

Phenterex also contains the P57 molecule. This is the ingredient that acts directly on your brain, in the hypothalamus. It goes right to the source to turn off your appetite and prevent cravings.

Phenterex will help you eat less calories every day, up to 2,000! It gives you the edge to finally lose and keep off those extra pounds.

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