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Phentarmine:  Yet another cheap Phentermine rip-off?
Ever since Phentermine was pulled from the market, people have been scrambling to creat a drug that was similar to it and would not require a prescription to buy. Phentarmine is one of the pills. But imitation is not always the sincerest form of flattery and Phentarmine is not a good imitation…in fact, it is nothing like Phentermine.

The science behind Phentermine consisted of an amphetamine-like substance that affected neurotransmitters and appetite. Phentarmine is also a product that is intended to suppress appetite, but it has a formula that is very different from Phentermine.

To me this seems kind of silly. The people behind Phentarmine are just trying to bank on the famous name of Phentermine to get their product recognized even though their product is very different. It would be like calling your restaurant Mcdronalds, but you would sell tacos instead of burgers.

Another problem – I cannot find out who makes this stuff! It always concerns me when the makers of these types of products do not have a homepage and they do all of their retail through third party sites. In fact, when you type “” into your web browser, you are automatically redirected to a webpage about the prescription drug Phentermine.

To me is seems like the only reason the company that makes Phentarmine would not want themselves to be know is because they know they make an inferior product. If the stuff really worked, these guys would want their name to be everywhere!

Unlike Phentermine, Phentarmine uses Hoodia as their main weight loss suppressant and that is where the main difference lies. Hoddia is a wildcard ingredient and it always will be. There are Hoodia pills out there that work really well and there are ones that do absolutely nothing. Usually the best way to determine the effectiveness of the Hoodia is to figure out if it is fake or not. Many companies use fake Hoodia that was grown outside of its natural range in Southern Africa and these products are usually ineffective. Well, unfortunately for us, it is impossible to determine whether or not Phentarmine uses real Hoodia because I cannot find their website or customer service number! So your guess is as good as mine.

Usually when you cannot find official information about a product, the next best place to look is customer reviews. Well I cant say I was surprised, but I could not find hardly any customer reviews for Phentarmine. That either means that this stuff is brand new or it sucks. Phentarmine has been around long enough that it should have a decent amount of reviews but I just don’t think anyone has bought this stuff! Or they did, and it was neither bad enough or good enough to write a review. Either way, with all the options out there, you do not need to settle for a mediocre product that is marketed by a mystery company. No one else buys this stuff and neither should you.

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