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Nuphedragen Reviewed

Nuphedragen is yet another diet pill manufactured by Orovo, LLC.  Orovo, LLC is a company that also makes a slew of diet and ‘wellness’ products that promote weight loss, provide anti aging support, and offer energy enhancing products for bodybuilders.  Nuphedragen pills are also Fenphedra slimming pills only packaged in a different lable/bottle.  Fenphedra slimming pills packaged in a different bottle with different name.  If you visit and, the official websites of these two diet pills (with same formula), you would be surprised to see the same word to word sales page in both the websites.  Not surprising Nuphedragen diet pills user feedback we’ve researched shows negative comments on the web.

Nuphedragen contains caffeine, which may cause unwanted side effects.  Nuphedragen is relatively expensive at $60 per month’s supply.
The official product website proposes some questionable scientific evidence. The website offers neither a money-back guarantee nor a free trial.

Nuphedragen sellers make concept of weight loss too complex – CART and NPY.  Nuphedragen marketers use lot of scientific mumbo jumbo to give good impression to their potential customers and persuade them to buy their product.  They claim that Nuphedragen  is world’s first chemically altered diet pill  that stimulates Cocaine Amphetamine Regulatory Transcript (C-A-R-T) and Inhibit Neuropeptide-Y (NPY)! (Fenphedra sellers also claim the same thing!)

Do not be misled by any scientific jargons used online by many diet pill marketers.  Nuphedragen is currently a little expensive.  Moreover, some question wether the ingredients really do what the claim to.

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