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Noxycut Diet Reviewed

Noxycut is a diet pill that is marketed to men.  Noxycut makes very strong claims.  Noxycut claims to be “the world’s first and only diet pill that won’t make your scale move a single inch?”  However it does not come with an independent double placebo human trial illustrating weight loss. 

Noxycut Ingredients

Noxycut diet’s ingredients fall into 3 groups of fat burning, testosterone boosters and cell builders. The fat burning ingredients are caffeine anhydrous, synephrine, guggulsterones, cinnamon bark, and yohimbe. However, yohimbe and cinnamon bark do not have the sort of clinicial human research our experts look for to show weight loss effectiveness.  And whil caffeine is known to help increase your metabolism it does have negative side effects and should not be taken before bed time.

Noxycut Summary

While Noxycut may include some good ingredients that have been shown to be effective like caffeine, much of the ingredients in Noxycut’s formulation are provided in likely amounts that are below the levels where they can acheive a real and quick effect.  In the Noxycut website our research found the following FAQs:

Do you have a money back guarantee?

No, we do not… …all sales be final.

Can Women Take NOXYCUT?


Clearly Noxycut has opted to not offer a satifaction guarantee on its diet pill; this is a most telling.   This product is NOT legal in Canada. Yohimbine is the culprit here… it is considered illegal.  The claims of “burning fat and building muscle at the same time?”  Clearly, unfounded — and certainly not validated by any scientific data, anywhere, as the two are contradictory.

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