Miracleburn Consumer Complaints

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Miracleburn Consumer Complaints

Our research has uncovered numerous consumer complaints for Miracle Burn diet pills.  Read below:

Bellaplex.com, Beautifulreviews.com, Urban-nutrition.com, Miracleburn.com Bellaplex – SCAM – RIP OFF – PEOPLE WATCH OUT! ‘Bellaplex WARNING’ New York New York
Report: Miracleburn.com, Bellaplex.com, Beautifulreviews.com, Urban-nutrition.com, Miracleburn, Bellaplex

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Bellaplex.com, Beautifulreviews.com, Urban-nutrition.com, Miracleburn.com Bellaplex
Phone:  201-8762570
 302A W 12st #276
New York, New York, 10014

By Mark kraus
Austin, Texas
Source:  Ripoff Report

The company known as Bellaplex sells products that DO NOT WORK. Bellaplex claims they have the best products on the Market which is completely false advertising and a LIE!

The company Bellaplex is actually a whole network of companies that all claim to sell the Miracle Cream to naive customers. The owners of Bellaplex also are the owners of beautifulreviews.com which is a very popular website that does NEGATIVE reviews on thousands of local businesses across the country only to advertise their own so called ‘Miracle Products’.

This is absolutely Outrageous and stomach turning. Bellaplex’s affiliate website beautifulreviews.com is SLANDERING thousands of businesses across the country! People and small business that work years for a good reputation and then comes a company like Bellaplex and beautifulreviws.com who write negative reviews on everybody else but themselves. This should be Illegal, this is Slander and absolutely intolerable!!!

After doing my research on this company I have decided to post all the links to as many affiliate websites owned by this DISHONEST and without any code of Moral Ethics Company. I would like anybody reading this Warning to be able to see for themselves the practices of Bellaplex which is not the name of the company. The company that owns all the so called Miracle products is known as Urban Nutrition LLC.

I would like everyone to see themselves how this Dishonest Company is slandering thousands of companies while promoting their own faulty products.


Bellaplex, Hydrolyze, NuPhedrine, Longevity, Orexis, Miracleburn, Serenity,
My Daily Dose, Miracleburn Cream, Orexia, ExcellGoodbyeHangovers, Hydroxeye, RestAid, Venacura, Venacura Lotion, CholesterClear, Osteoease, ArcticEssentials, Hydroxatone, Besoplex, Luminyze, Hydroxatone, Celtrixa, UltraBurn, Vinotrol, Neurostin.

And Websites that that sell all of the so called Miracle Products:


www.beautifulreviews.com, www.Bellaplex.com,
www.Hydroleyes.com, www.theladieschoice.com
www.nuphedrine.com, www.urban-nutrition.com
www.orexis.com, www.miracleburn.com
www.mydailydose.com, www.goodbyehangovers.com
www.restaid.com, www.venacura.com, www.cholesterclear.com, www.arcticessentials.com, www.hydroxatone.com, www.celtrixa.com, www.ultraburn.com, and www.neurostin.com.

All these websites and products belong to the same owner Michelle Mercado – (800) 515-1070. By going to the www.beautifulreviews.com website you can see how they slander other companies while promoting their own products. Or you can see the negative reviews of local health spas in the Pay Per Click ads they post when you search for one of health Spas in your area.

Final NOTE: DO NOT USE any Products by Bellaplex or any of their affiliate products because you will be supporting Malicious Practices by this Dishonest Company who hurts small family operated businesses across the country!

Austin, Texas

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