Miracle Slim Wrap to wrap up health claims

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Miracle Slim Wrap

Good Health, Inc. advised ERSP during the pendency of the inquiry that it
purchased the product from another company and used its marketing materials in creating the Miracle Slim Wrap Website. The marketer indicated that sales of the Miracle Slim Wrap will be terminated in the coming weeks and that all claims enumerated by ERSP in the Basis of Inquiry have been permanently discontinued on the website and that all marketing materials have been similarly discontinued.

Direct response advertising for the Slim Wrap marketed by Good Health, Inc., came to the attention of the National Advertising Review Council’s Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation Program (“ERSP”) pursuant to ERSP’s ongoing monitoring program. Based upon ERSP’s review of online advertising for the Miracle Slim Wrap, it was determined that the following representative core claims were being communicated in the advertising:

1. Performance Claims
“Break down fat in your stubborn & problem areas in just one hour”
“Tone and erase your cellulite & stretch marks”
“Pull harmful toxins out of your body”
“Tighten and firm loose skin”
“The proprietary Miracle Slim Wrap® pulls toxins out of your body that
are located within your fat cells and surrounding them. As you pull these
toxins out of your body, the fat cells become smaller and they also come
together tighter, which immediately gives you inch loss. In fact, within one
hour, the average user experiences the following weight loss; Waist: 1-4
inches, Buttocks: 1-1.5 inches, Abdomen: 1-3.5 inches, Mid thigh: 1-4
inches, Thighs: 1.6- 5 inches, Bicep: 1-2 inches”
“The Miracle Slim Wrap can be applied directly to the body part you want
to immediately tone and slim.”
“In addition to the immediate inch loss of the fatty areas, continued use of
Miracle Slim Wrap will diminish stretch marks, unsightly cellulite and
tighten loose skin.”
“The special clay blend draws out the toxins that live in and around your
body’s fat cells.”
“Additional toxins continue to be flushed away even after the treatment is
“…the pure aloe base works as a carrier that has the ability to travel deep
inside the tissues to break down hardened toxic tissue (cellulite) on contact.”
“In order to remove these toxins, you need to cleanse your body from the
inside out, and the detoxifying Miracle Slim Wrap does just that. So in
addition to shrinking your fat cells and reducing inches, you benefit from a
more toxin-free body and you feel better after the first use. “
“The Miracle Slim Wrap immediately takes off inches, but with continued
use it also permanently changes body shape, size, contour, gets rid of
cellulite, and tightens & tones lose skin.”

2. Establishment Claims
“Miracle Slim Wrap is clinically proven!”
“An independent study proved that uses experienced: 86% had permanent
inch loss with continued use; 71% had immediate inch loss on first use
within 1 hour; 86% had firmed and tightened skin with continued use; 70%
had firmed and tightened skin on first use; 87% had re-toned skin with
continued use; 71% had re-toned skin after first use”

Additionally, ERSP expressed its concern with the lack of disclaimers
accompanying the consumer testimonials presented on the website.

ERSP independently confirmed that all of the claims at issue in this inquiry have discontinued and are no longer being disseminated in advertising for the Miracle Slim Wrap website. It was further ascertained that the “consumer testimonial” section of the website has been disabled.



About Advertising Industry Self-Regulation: The National Advertising Review Council (NARC) was formed bu Council of Better Business Bureaus, and others. Its purpose is to foster truth and accuracy in national advertising through voluntary self-regulation.

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