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MeltRx 24 Ultra Reviewed

While we were unable to locate an official website for Meltrx 24 Ultra, marketers of Melt Rx selling this weight loss product can be found online and eBay.  A major draw back when researching the MeltRx Ultra diet pill is that we were unable to locate a comprehensive full ingredients list.  And of course, without the ingredients list it became difficult to to assess or review the Melt Rx diet.  Thus, we were unalbe to learn what distinguishes Meltrx 24 Ultra from other caffeine and ephedrine free weight loss products on the market.

Our research revealed that Meltrx 24 Ultra is caffeine and ephedrine free.   And that Meltrx 24 Ultra can be ordered online.  There is no customer service contact details for those who manufacturer this product.   The information found MeltRx ingredients is very sparse. Thus, there isn’t enough information to enable consumers nor experts to make an informed choice regarding Meltrx Ultra 24.  Clearly, with the absence of a comprehensive ingredients list, one generally might be more cautious of the weight loss aide offered.

No clinical weight loss studies posted?

MeltRx Ultra marketers make claims to clinical studies on the product.  They state that the MeltRx diet pills are made from more than 40 ingredients and that double-blind studies have been conducted on each of the ingredients and every ingredient is proven to aid weight loss.  However, they don’t even disclose all the 40 ingredients and the proportion of each ingredient in their formulation.  Additionally, no details of any clinical study conducted are given in their website.

Melt Rx Diet Summary

Without a complete Melt Rx formula and lack of Melt Rx weight loss studiesm, while MeltRx marketing alleges same and lack of any offical web site and contact information we urge consumers to take caution.  Cleary due diligence is in order where a weight loss supplement does not feature clear and easy to find official contact information for dieters to contact with questions prior to purchase.

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