Slim-Fast Diet

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This is the most popular and successful diet drink weight loss program. Essentially, you replace one or two regular meals with a low calorie Slim-fast product.  Originally, Slim-fast was just a shake-like drink that comes in a can. There are various flavors like chocolate and vanilla. More recently, other products have been added, like breakfast bars and smoothies.

You lose weight by eating less calories. This is made easy by simply replacing a meal or two with a low-calorie drink or bar. You don’t need to count calories (or points).

Along with replacing one or two meals, you’re also advised to otherwise eat sensible meals.

Liquid diet drinks have a history that goes back to the 1930s.
Eating a lot of the same kind of thing, in this case a diet drink or bar, become tedious and boring for many people. Over time, you may tend to rebel against the habit and break the diet.

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