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Our comprehensive diet products review & experience has shown that weight loss results can be best achieved with pure ingredients in large quantities to make a difference. Long term weight loss may be enhanced when dieting was paired with strong appetite suppressants. Our top selection for overal weight loss aide goes to Phenternin a truly superior hoodia diet pill. Phenternin received the most votes by consumers experts as best of class appetite suprressant" with authentic S. Africa Hoodia in a large 90 count 750mg / pill.

Lipovox Reviewed

Lipovox has hyped itself as an  “Acne, Wrinkle And Weight Loss” pill?  And while we’ve seen it all when it comes to incredible and outrageous weight loss claims, Lipovox clearly stands out.  With its unusual promise to eliminate acne, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and even cause you to lose weight.  What doesn’t Lipovox do?

Moreover, our research could not locate any shred of evidence backing these amazing claims.  Not a single one.  While Lipovox maintains favorable comments from its eBay users.  We’ve seen reports that Lipovox used highly anecdotal feedback that may be often made up.   This is exactly why we strive to find real independent double-blind, placebo-controlled weight loss study to confirm any effectiveness of a diet product.  Of course,  there is no such study validating Lipovox’s weight loss claims. 

Our research shows that consumers believe that Lipovox is the same as Lipotrox, according to consumer complaints, which is marketed by an “F” rated BBB reviewed diet pills marketer called, Blackstone Nutrition.

Lipovox marketers state their diet product contains “10 superfoods” revealed by Dr. Perricone on the Oprah Show to help one look “10 Years Younger in 10 Days”.  Yet another ludicrious claim, clearly well designed to create more makreting hype.  However, Dr. Perricone’s work is controversial.  According to Harriet Hall, M.D. and Stephen Barrett, M.D. of QuackWatch, “Nicholas Perricone, M.D., has written three similar books: The Wrinkle Cure, The Perricone Prescription; and The Acne Prescription. All contain many claims that are questionable, controversial, fanciful, unsupported by published evidence, or just plain wrong.”  Quacketch actually accuses him of making outlandish, unrealistic promises in order to sell books and products. His claims, they say, are backed by very little scientific research, and any research he has done himself has never been published in medical journals, where it would be subject to scrupulous review.”   Our research showed that Dr. Perricone’s theories have yet to be “put to the test” by a panel of independent experts in a double blind placebo study setting.

Lipovox contains the ten superfoods referenced by Dr. Perricone, plus 1 or 2 additional ingredients.  Lipovox ingredients include acai, barley, juice, cayenne, wheatgrass, garlic, buckwheat, flaxseed, alfalfa, lactobacillus acidophillus, soy, green tea, salmon, alpha lipoic acid, and dmae.  However, the amount of each ingredient is not provided, so it’s impossible to learn if there’s enough present in a large enough quanatity to obtain the sort of weight loss effects promised.

According the the official Oprah web site, just about anything rich in antioxidants can qualify as a ‘super food’.  Quote:  “… just about every brightly colored fruit and vegetable fits the category of a superfood, as do nuts, beans, seeds and aromatic and brightly colored herbs and spices.”

While Oprah’s and Dr. Perricone’s name sare used to add credibility to this diet pill, neither one of them is actually affiliated with Lipovox and neither one actually endorses Lipovox.  It is plainly obisous that the weight loss claims plus acne removal, and wrinkle elimination are an exaggeration of what these ingredients can provide with the small amounts provide in a pill form.

Clearly, Lipvox’s weight loss and other claims aren’t justified while no human studies and other peer reviewed evidence is presented.  Lipovox ingredients amounts are not even provided to determine the potential for any sort of real weight loss results.  Clearly, marketing Lipovox as a cure-all for acne, wrinkles, and weight loss is absurd. 

Lipovox Dieters Comments:

Below are comments we found online for this diet aide: 

Has anyone had experience taking Lipovox?
I’ve read all I can about it. ……………..
It contains good ingredients, but I’d like to hear from some people who used it on a regular basis and what results they got. ………….

Or maybe you know someone who used it?

I specifically want to know if it gets rid of belly fat.
(and if it does, how long did it take to see some results?)

Sheeeeeeeeesh, I would have thought more people out there would have tried this.

How much did you lose in a month Mickey?

I wish I could email you … would you email me with your addy (I DO NOT spam).
What about the belly fat ? U didn’t mention that!!
I am very curious about that.

by doe_eyed… Member since:
November 24, 2006
Total points:
226 (Level 1) 
Best Answer – Chosen by Voters
I just bought it and it appears the active ingredient is caffeine in the form of green tea. I haven’t used it as I just got it and I’m doubtful. I’m a skeptic.

I’ll try to remember to reply in a few days and let you know if it does more than give me a caffeine buzz. Oh, the recommended dosage is 1-3 pills before a meal so the actual amount of time it covers would vary greatly.
my own personal experience

Tammy Jones lipovox is a scam read this

by joeann b Member since:
November 27, 2006
Total points:
103 (Level 1) 
me and three of my friends all tried lipovox for about 3 weeks,so far neither of us have lost any weight, i got terrible headaches and bad constipation,but i found that they eliminated stress.

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