Lipo 6

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Lipo 6 Reviewed
What is Lipo 6?
Lipo 6 is a stimulant-based “fat burner” with 6 active ingredients made by Nutrex.  There are actually two versions of Lipo 6. The old version contain Ephedra, the new one does not (because Ephedra was banned due to health risks).  Lipo 6 X is effectively the newest reiteration of Lipo 6, builds upon on the original ephedra-free formula.

Lipo 6 Ingredients

Lipo6’s five common ingredients are: Caffeine, Coleus Forskohlii, Phenethylamine, Bioperine, and Yohimbe. The non-Ephedra version has Synephrine instead.  Phenethylamine is the “feel good” chemical commonly found in chocolate.

Lipo6’s many ingredients are simple stimulants. Others are natural extracts which likely have little to no effect in small doses. They are likely ineffective.

Lipo6’s base ingredients include caffeine, synephrine, yohimbe, guggulsterones and bioperine are all there in exactly the same potency.  Of course, stimulat based diet pills like this with caffeine may result in unfavorable side effects and should not be taken a night. 

Lipo6 Diet Summary

“Fat burner” supplements like Lipo6 have been hyped and common advertised late night TV diet pills.  Lipo 6 is yet another in a field of many products.  Ephedra-based  upplements have shown to help people lose weight.  But, Ephedra was banned because of its dangerous side effects.  Currently, reviews are rather mixed about these new, non-Ephedra fat burners.


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