Hot Rox

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Hot Rox is a fat-burner supplement with a new formula which makes Ephedra obsolete.  Hot Rox is a twice or four times a day pill that you take to burn fat, lose weight, and build muscle.

It contains a number of ingredients which increase fat-burning, decrease fat production, and increase your metabolism. It contains no Ephedra, but it’s being promoted as working better than Ephedra.

Hot Rox increases production of T3, but it doesn’t suppress TSH (related to your thyroid). It does have a mild stimmulant effect, but it would affect your heart rate or blood pressure. It helps you maintain and build muscle mass.

Hot Rox is made by Biotest. They have a number of diet pill products on the market.  Hot Rox contains caffeine, a common stimulant used by diet pills like Dextatrim for decades.

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