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Gail Slim’s personal weight loss journey

Hi there.  My name is Gail Slim and I am one of the editors of this blog.  Welcome to a brief background about my personal weight loss journey.  I hope it can act as a motivator for you too, to acheive your personal health goals.  I’m sure that l like many others, each New Year’s I made a personal resoltion to lose weight.  Fed up of starting new diets every year because the old one failed, I finally started to research weight loss aides and diet programs to find out which could really work and can help me acheive long term weight loss results. 

My Stats

Gail Slim - Now

Gail Slim - Now

Height: 5′ 2″
Start Weight: 179 lbs
Current Weight:  141 lbs
Goal Weight: 130 lbs
Weight Lost:  38 lbs
Target Rate of Weight Loss: 2lb per week

My diet story

Throughout the years I’ve tried so many diets and diet aides with limited success.  However, in the last year I’ve been using diet pills from Alli to Phenternin and finally I’ve manage to lose weight.  Of course, all this was combined with cutting down on carbs and fatty foods.  I so miss my bagels, breads and fried foods like french fries. 

Each time when I stopped and went back to my ‘normal’ habits the weight piled back on.   I can imagine that like me many people have lost weight before only to regain the weight.  And yes, clearly part of my weight loss success is due to strong appetite suppressants (phenternin) and by eating very little I managed to get down to 141 lbs.   

I always felt really self conscious in formal occasions in public or when vacationing and in a bathing suit.  None of this was an issue when I was much younger.  Back then I went out with friends often to bars, lounges, nightclubs and the like.  Reflecting back to those times, make me feel  like I am missing out now staying in more and feeling much more self conscious than ever before.    It got so bad at times that I’ve been so depressed about my weight and angry that I failed to stick to my diet goals and actually lose weight.

Why is eating less and exercising more so hard to do?  I admit there were many times that I just felt like a big failure.  For one, I know that unwanted remarks about my weight from family members and my husband did not help things at all.  Such horrible remarks served only to hurt and never inspired me what so ever to lose the weight.  So what finally did work to motivate me?  For one I simply found the right resources and support to actually stick to my diet goals.  That’s why I began to contribute to this blog and learn more about what others found useful and what to avoid.  No to mention, I wanted to be able to wear more of the recent fashions and just fit into my skinny clothes collecting dust in my closets.  And when I started to lose some weight, it motiavated me to lose more. 

Dieting tips

1.  Start and maintain a daily food diary listing everything you eat.
2.  Exercise daily, incorporate exercise into what ever you are doing.  If there a stairs use them instead of the elavtor…

3.  Set realistic weight loss goals (e.g. 1lb loss a week) and stick to them.
4.  Set a calorie allowance and stick to it.    

Bonus Tip:

Use our blog to find weight loss aides to suppress your appetite.  There is nothing wrong with getting a little more help to achieve your goals.

Alert: New Diet Pills Research

The Diet Institute has conducted research on a large number of different diet pills. Below is an overview based on the results of this research. As expected, a large number of the diet pills that have been researched have proven to be ineffective or even have serious side effects. Most of these products are not included in the overview below. On the other hand, our research team has identified a number of diet pills that may be of benefit to the consumer, with little or no known side effects.

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