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FTC Bogus Weight Loss Claims Red Flags for Consumers

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Our comprehensive diet products review & experience has shown that weight loss results can be best achieved with pure ingredients in large quantities to make a difference. Long term weight loss may be enhanced when dieting was paired with strong appetite suppressants. Our top selection for overal weight loss aide goes to Phenternin a truly superior hoodia diet pill. Phenternin received the most votes by consumers experts as best of class appetite suprressant" with authentic S. Africa Hoodia in a large 90 count 750mg / pill.

If the claim looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Despite claims to the contrary, there are no magic bullets or effortless ways to burn off fat. The only way to lose weight is to lower caloric intake and/or increase physical activity. Claims for diet products or programs that promise weight loss without sacrifice or effort are bogus. And some can even be dangerous.

These facts do not keep fraudulent advertisers from preying on consumers and reaping billions of dollars each year. While the scams may vary (for example, pills, patches, clips, body wraps, insoles or “diet teas”), the claims are almost always the same – dramatic, effortless weight loss without diet or exercise.

It takes a few minutes to become familiar with the examples of false ad claims in this web site. These claims can be conveyed in many ways, and some ads may contain conflicting statements. It is the overall message that has the greatest effect on your audience. Ask yourself, “What messages will our audience take from this ad?”  Generally, headlines, pictures, captions, and bolded text are more powerful than body copy and footnotes. These messages can also be communicated through expert or celebrity endorsements and consumer testimonials, which are often highlighted in weight loss ads.

Several of the following claims refer to “substantial weight.” This means “a lot of weight” and would include weight loss of a pound a week for more than four weeks or total weight loss of more than 15 pounds in any time period. Substantial weight loss can also be suggested by references to dress size, inches, and body fat. But, as the examples illustrate, ads may convey this message without using specific numbers.

The next time you get an ad or spot for a nonprescription drug, dietary supplement, skin patch, cream, wrap, earring or other product that is worn on the body or rubbed into the body containing claims like the ones below, Red Flag the ad:  Take it to your supervisor, and point out the claims that strike you as false.

A claim is too good to be true if it says the product will… 

  • Cause weight loss of two pounds or more a week
    for a month or more without dieting or exercise
  • Cause substantial weight loss no matter what or
    how much the consumer eats
  • Cause permanent weight loss (even when the
    consumer stops using product)
  • Block the absorption of fat or calories to enable
    consumers to lose substantial weight
  • Safely enable consumers to lose more than three
    pounds per week for more than four weeks
  • Cause substantial weight loss for all users
  • Cause substantial weight loss by wearing it on the
    body or rubbing it into the skin

Alert: New Diet Pills Research

The Diet Institute has conducted research on a large number of different diet pills. Below is an overview based on the results of this research. As expected, a large number of the diet pills that have been researched have proven to be ineffective or even have serious side effects. Most of these products are not included in the overview below. On the other hand, our research team has identified a number of diet pills that may be of benefit to the consumer, with little or no known side effects.

Shop smart with expert rated diet pills reviews

Our experts test, rate and compare the diet products you buy. We arm consumers with potent timely information about what diet products achieve the best long term weight loss results at a reasonable cost. Review below the top weight loss performers in our easy to read rating system. With five stars for the best and one star for the lowest overall score.

Today's Recommended Diet
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    Phenternin Diet Pills Reviewed: Price: $29.99 w/6

    Phenternin is a revolutionary weight loss product, the only Hoodia based Phenternin appetite suppressant product that featured all the pre-requisite certificates along with a USDA protected plant permit and Phytosanitary documentations. Phenternin diet pills offer a superior 90 count per bottle and best of class appitite suppressant diet pill.

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    Weight Loss

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    Side effects: No serious side effects have been reported

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