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Fenterdren Diet Reviewed

Fenterdren is marketed as a  fat burning diet pill.  Fenterden weight loss claim includes that the diet supplement will increase metabolism and suppress appetite.  Fenterdren contains synephrine, this herbal ingredient and a stimulant that has been linked to negative side effects including headaches, increased blood pressure, elevated heart rate, and dizziness. Moreover, when added to other stimulants like everyday caffeine, it can further exaggerate these negative effects.  Fenterdren even warn its users  not exceed the recommend dosage.  Fenterdren also hypes it diet pills stating Fenterdren stimulates the brain in much the same manner as cocaine and amphetamines.  We ask, is this the right safe diet pills for everyone?

Another disturbing issue is that there is no clear cut amount of the ingredients contained in this formula listed.  We were unable to well evaluate if there is large enough quantity of the Fenterdren ingredients to be an effective diet pill.  The secrecy surrounding the ingredients is a concern.

Our research revealed that Fenterdren may not provide a long term weight loss effect and continued use of the product may be required.   Fenterdren did not provide product samples or trial sizes and lacked links to clinical research on the product for clearly obvisous reasons.  Fenterdren did not provide any before and after pictures on its website.   Lastly, Fenterdren stimulant based formula means that the brain and body will likely quickly adjust to the stimulants over time and the Fenterdren will  become less effective.   Finally, Fenterdren did not provide any guarantee for open product.

Fenterdren Diet Consumer Feedback

Comment from: Miss Warning [Visitor]
This is just a little taste of what to expect if you decide to get sucked into ordering this product. Here is my final complaint letter after shipping the product back. After numerous attempts to reach some level of competent customer service, just to inquire about the shipping delay, I finally received the product,however my experience with just trying to reach customer service led me to question the integrity of this product and when I opened the box my suspicions were further supported by the absence of any care instructions,just some bottles of product with barely any ingredients data to inform the consumer about content and instruction and the final tip off for me was the packing slip again with no contact info for customer service i.e PHONE NUMBER ad to that the packing slip looked like it was printed on a full sheet of paper and cut in half with a butter knife by a pre-schooler.In short I don’t find this product or distribution to be reputable I wouldn’t dare even ingest one dose of this product .I packed all the bottles back into the original box and mailed back with my request for full refund and I do want my $11.00 shipping fee included in the refund being I did not receive the questionable product untill well after the claim of shipping within 24 hours via 2-day USPS priority mail in fact it took 9 days!!!!!!  Further more I find it very disturbing to this day there is no phone number to reach customer service or the manufacturer of this product, and when e-mailing for help it’s worse then communicating with Helen Keller!

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