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Ephedrasil Hardcore Reviewed

Is it really effective or just another hyped diet product?

Aren’t you curious why the company incorporated the word “Ephedra” in their product name if it is illegal and not even in Ephedrasil?  Clearly, Ephedrasil’s clever marketers have inserted a well known ingredient hoping consumers would embrace their diet pill thinking it had something to do with Ephedra when it has nothing to do with same.  Ephedra was popular for fat burner until it is banned because of the severe side effect dangers. Clearly, that’s why many weight loss pill producers try to use the word Ephedra as part of their product name.

Ephedrasil Hardcore states that their ingredients contain the best mood enhancing and appetite suppressing ingredients. It contains many ingredients such as chocamine, ginger, green tea and other components. There are many components in the Ephedrasil, however not all of them are scientifically proven effective for real weight loss.  Moreover, Ephedrasil’s product site states that its statements have not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administartion. Clearly, Ephedrasil is not FDA approved as weight loss diet pill.

Ephedrasil Weight Loss Research

Our Ephedrasil research was unsuccessful in locating any independent clinical human studies that back Ephedrasil for effective weight loss. Generally, dieters may consider avoiding products which has no proven clinical weight loss studies.  Moreover, Ephedrasil lacks contact information including a telephone number nor an address.  Clearly, it is important to have such contact information to insure the product marketer is legitimate and to contact them regarding the products. 

Ephedrasil Summary

The noted absence of clinical studies, the lack of contact information and unfavorable consumer feedback we found on Ephedrasil gave us pause.   Clearly, weight loss products that make claims without any basis in scientific fact should be avoided.

Ephedrasil Customer Feedback
ephedrasil hardcore
by junifunk8( 36)
I bought these diet pills after reading some commercial site reviews. the consumer reports aren’t so good, but they always tend to chide diet pills. i used diet pills several years ago and they didn’t really… 
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by 2030mc( -1 )
Ephedrasil does not work! Has Zero effect.It’s a scam. Ebay seller promises refund then does not reply to e-mails. Beware and save your money. Expensive rip off! 
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Ephedrasil does not work as a fat burner
by weeds68( 16)
It has some mood enhancement effects.All the ingrediants are availabe in other CHEAPER products. Look around. Pounds on the other hand do not melt off. There are many better products out there that do a… 
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