Diet Plateaus

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Beat Diet Plateaus

When you’re trying to lose weight, the question isn’t whether or not you’ll hit a plateau, it’s when. Plateaus are like bad weather on a long hike: When you first go on a diet, the initial weight loss tends to be easiest and fastest to achieve.  Initially diet success can be easily acheived, but then we all hit a weight loss plateau.  While it’s only a matter of when, and perhaps inevitable that you’ll run into it, knowing that in advance might help. It’s the last portion of you weight loss goals
that likely will be much harder to acheive. Weight loss generally does slow down and can even plateau to a stand still. This is a typical response by our bodies to preserve protective fat in our body as a survival mechanism.

Our metabolism is controlled by three main activities. Thermic effect of food is the energy used for the digestion and absorption of what we eat. It is controlled by how much and the type of food we eat. The more we eat, the more calories will be used.  Cheer up, as at least one
of the following weight loss techniques should help you break through a plateau and start losing again.

1. Change to lower calorie foods and count  calories.
Determine how many calories a day are you eating.  You can easily determine this with a food journal.  Calories can easily creep, that why you want to avoid sodas and alcoholic beverages.

2. Switch It Up
When you’re not losing more weight change your exercise routine. Change up your eating plan. For example, low-carbers might try higher carb foods for a few days and, high-carbers might try protein based diets like Atkins or
South Beach. Of course,  switching calorie intake should help drop those stuborn pounds. Where you average 1,800 calories daily, try dropping to 1,500, going up to 2,000 and then dropping back to 1,500. Get the idea?  Get your body out of its slower metoblism by shaking up your calorie intake. Your body’s gotten comfortable, so it’s time to shake things up.

3. Try a Temporary Ban on select diet busting foods.
Certain food tend to be culprits and may cause weight gain and bloat.  While
the frustrating thing is that most dieters don’t know which foods are the culprits, you can play the odds of these "usual suspects".  Try to remove grains (wheat in particular), dairy and sugar from your diet. Stop eating all three and see if those last few pounds start coming off again.

4. Step up Your Workout a Notch or two
Forget the "fat burning zone." High intensity intervals — 30 to 60 seconds — are the wave of the future. If you’re accustomed to level three on your
cardio machine, ramp it up to level 6 for a minute then slow down, catch your breath and repeat. Ever see a sprinter with love handles? Training like a sprinter will lower your body fat faster than any technique I know of, plus it’ll boost your metabolism and lower your weight.

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