Chito Gold

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ChitoGold is a diet pill that was advertised on radio and been endorsed by Tom Martino.  


ChitoGold comes in pill form that you take 3 times a day .
ChitoGold has a unique combination of the following ingredients:

-Neopuntia : a patend clinically proven ingredient that attract and bind with fat up to 28%
-Chitosan : is a super fiber that derived from shells of shrimp that works as fat attractor bind with it and expel it out of the body
-Green tea: Has both the thermogenic qualities of caffeine for fat burning and healthy antioxidants for cells
-citrus aurantium : for fat burning
-Hoodia : for appetite suppressing properties
-Gymnema sylvestre : an herb from southern India to helps keeps blood sugar levels at optimal levels resulting in less sugary food craving
Together these ingredients combine to help expel up to 30 % of fat you consume, burn fat, suppress appetite and regulate blood sugar levels resulting in weight loss.

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