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BSN Weight Loss and Body Building Products Review

BSN Products Class Action Certified

In a blow to sports supplement maker Bio Engineered Supplements & Nutrition, Inc., a/k/a BSN, a federal district court in California has certified a class action against the company. In the lawsuit, the company is charged with fraud for selling products that falsely claim to contain a “new and improved” form of creatine called CEM3 or “Creatine Ethyl Ester Malate.”

The charge against BSN is potentially significant. According to the decision, experts for the plaintiff, Michael Rivera, claim that CEM3 does not exist and is impossible to manufacture. Moreover, BSN failed in their attempts to disqualify these experts.

The court’s comments regarding the evidence of fraud do not bode well for BSN:

Rivera has provided sufficient circumstantial evidence at this point for the Court to find that the trier of fact might reasonably infer that the plaintiffs relied on false representations. In addition to the labels, advertising campaign, and declarations, Rivera has put forth evidence that the year after BSN starting advertising CEM3 in its products, sales of Cellmass increased 1,578%, sales of Nitrix increased 512%, and sales of N.O.-Xplode increased 177%. The trier of fact might reasonably infer that the sales increase was due to BSN’s representations regarding CEM3.

In addition, the court finds that a jury could conclude that a reasonable person presented with a label listing CEM3 and/or advertisements regarding the superiority of CEM3 would have relied on those representations. Therefore, if the trier of fact finds that such representations were in fact made to the plaintiffs, an inference of justifiable reliance by each class member would arise.

Our resarch found online BNS complaints:

BSN/Grant Masters Complaints – Taking unauthorized money out of my checking account
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BSN/Grant Masters
Posted: 2008-01-06 by Theresa Pribble

Taking unauthorized money out of my checking account

Company information:
BSN/Grant Masters
4401 S. Ironwood Broken Arrow OK 74011
Tulsa, Oklahoma
United States

I gave grant master the authorization to deduct $1.97 from my card and that was all since then they have deducted 3 payments of 39.95 without my authorization.

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