BBB Rates Ultra Relief “F”

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BBB Give Ultra Relief  “F” Rating

BBB Rating for Ultra Relief LLC
Based on BBB files, Ultra Relief LLC has a BBB Rating of F.


Reasons for this rating include:
399 complaints filed against business.  6 complaints filed against business that were not resolved. 
Length of time business has taken to resolve complaint(s).
BBB does not have sufficient background information on this business.

The address on University Avenue in Provo, Utah is for a company that provides customer service for the company, not the company itself. However, that support company is the company responding to the complaints.

The BBB believes the company’s website(s) were misleading to consumers. The company has however agreed to revise these misleading items. However, to date the websites have not been revised.

First, the company checked the box for the customer which states “I agree to the terms and conditions.” The company has now agreed to uncheck that box, so consumers have to have responsibility to read and check the box for themselves.

Second, the company has agreed to make the terms and conditions clear, putting a paragraph on the page where the customer pays and creating a link to the full terms and conditions, making it easier for the consumer to read those important details.

The terms and conditions state that if the consumer does not cancel the automatic enrollment, charges of $69.76 will be charged monthly for product shipped, $29.76 for an upsell product and $5.87 for a newsletter.

Consumer complaints allege that they were never informed of the monthly charges and that a 25% restocking fee was applied to the monthly shipment that was returned, even though the customer was not aware of the monthly shipment until it arrived. The company has responded to some complaints quoting the terms and conditions, however many complaints remain unanswered or unresolved. The company has agreed to review these complaints and determine whether a refund will be given.

The BBB reminds customers to read all the terms and conditions prior to entering in any payment information.
Business Contact and Profile for Ultra Relief LLC
Name: Ultra Relief LLC
Phone: (888) 289-8740
Address: 3549 North University Ave Ste 375
 Provo, UT 84604

Additional DBA Names:

P43 Vital Health Systems
Support Services of Utah
R23 Vital Health Systems LLC
Performance Health USA LLC
Performance Products USA
Performance Health
Ultrarelief (product)
TE Performance
TE Performance Products
Performance Life
MV Performance Life LLC
YJG Partners Ltd
AEG Partners Ltd
VL Vegas
PT Tempe, LLC
Englewood Performance Health LLC
Las Vegas Performance Products, LLC
L89 Nutrition LLC
L66 Vital Health Systems
The BBB has requested basic information from this company but has not received a response. As a result, the BBB may not have current information about the company.

Customer Complaint History for Ultra Relief LLC
BBB processed a total of 399 complaints about Ultra Relief LLC in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period. Of the total of 399 complaints closed in 36 months, 329 were closed in the last year.
These complaints concerned :
14  regarding Advertising Issues  
 1 – Advertised price not honored
3 – Advertisement did not disclose all conditions required to take advantage of an offer
3 – Advertisement misrepresented a product
2 – Advertisement misrepresented a service
1 – Bait & switch advertisement
2 – False or unsubstantiated claims in advertisement
2 – None of the Above – Advertising Complaint Issue
142  regarding Billing or Collection Issues  
 5 – Failure to correct billing errors
1 – Failure to provide itemized billing as requested
5 – Improper collection practices
28 – None of the Above – Credit, Billing or Collection Complaint Issue
29 – Unauthorized bank debits
74 – Unauthorized credit card charges
7  regarding Contract Issues  
 5 – Invalid or false contract
1 – None of the Above – Contract Complaint Issue
1 – Unauthorized changes to the contract or agreement
9  regarding Customer Service Issues  
 3 – Failure to respond to phone calls or written requests for assistance or support
1 – Inappropriate behavior by customer service personnel
5 – None of the Above – Customer Service Complaint Issue
22  regarding Delivery Issues  
 4 – Delivery of unordered products
2 – Late delivery of products
8 – Non-delivery of products
1 – Non-delivery of services
7 – None of the Above – Delivery Complaint Issue
9  regarding Product Issues  
 9 – None of the Above – Product Quality Complaint Issue
139  regarding Refund or Exchange Issues  
 21 – Failure to honor promised refunds, exchanges, or credit
32 – Failure to honor refund, exchange or credit policies
86 – None of the Above – Refund or Exchange Complaint Issue
53  regarding Sales Practice Issues  
 15 – None of the Above – Sales Complaint Issue
3 – Sales presentation did not disclose complete pricing information
8 – Sales presentation did not disclose key conditions of the offer
4 – Sales presentation misrepresented the product
3 – Sales presentation misrepresented the service
4 – Sales presentation not consistent with advertisement
16 – Sales presentation used dishonest sales practices
4  regarding Service Issues  
 1 – Failure to provide invoice or estimate for service upon request
1 – None of the Above – Service Complaint Issue
2 – Unauthorized service 

Products and Services of Ultra Relief LLC
This company offers customer service support for companies, such as inbound call response.

Additional Locations and Phone Numbers
Additional Addresses
PO Box 971090
Orem, UT  84097-1090
Tel: (801) 705-5930

3131 E. Camelback Road #200
(mail has been returned)
Phoenix, AZ  85016

PO BOX 871090
Orem, UT  84097

PO Box 971240
Orem, UT  84097

224 South Main St # 400 PMB
Springville, UT  84663

Additional Phone Numbers
Tel: (800) 752-0196
Tel: (888) 312-6551
Tel: (888) 501-9475

According to corporate records Performance Products USA, LLC is registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission. York-and-Adam-Galland are listed as managers and YJG Partners, Ltd and AEG Partners, Ltd are listed as members of the corporation.

Also listed in Arizona is the name PT Tempe, LLC, with York-and-Adam-Galland as managers along with Performance Products USA, LLC.

In addition, MV Performance Life, LLC is also registered with the AZ Corporation Commission, with York-and-Adam-Galland as managers and Performance Products USA LLC as a member of the corporation.

In Colorado, YJG Partners, LTD is registered with the Colorado Secretary of States office with partners listed as York-and-Jennifer-Galland. AEG Partners, Ltd. is registered with partners Adam-and-Emily-Galland.

In Nevada, Las Vegas Performance Products, LLC lists Adam-and-York Galland as managers.

In Utah, YJG Partners, Ltd is registered as foreign corporation (Colorado).

Additional Information about Ultra Relief LLC
This company has stated to the BBB that they have “suspended answering complaitns through the BBB”.  While the BBB reliability report is believed reliable, it is not guaranteed as to accuracy.  When considering complaint information, please take into account the company’s size and volume of transactions, and understand that the nature of complaints and a firm’s responses to them are often more important than the number of complaints.

The company has set up a website,, to allow consumers to request a refund if they are not satisfied.

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