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BBB Reliability Report for / Acai Nutraburst diet pills

Company Rating F – BBB opinion of what this rating means:
We strongly question the company’s reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law’s licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations…

This company offers the Acai Nutraburst product on a 14 day trial basis conditionally upon enrollment in their home delivery program. By submitting an order for the trial offer, respondents agree to pay the non-refundable shipping & handling charge of $4.95 for the free trial bottle. If you cancel before the end of your 14-day trial period, you will not be charged anything else. Your 14-day trial period begins when you place your order and inc…
Complainants allege misleading advertising, unauthorized credit card charges, receipt of unwanted merchandise, and difficulty implementing cancellation procedures. Some complainants allege that they agreed to a trial offer only, and was not aware they were enrolled in a continuity program. Customers complain after repeated attempts to cancel, shipments are stopped, but the company continues billing them monthly. In some cases complainants allege that the company sold their information and credit card number to another affiliates who also charged their credit cards for products or services. The company responds to most complaints by agreeing to refunds for returned bottles, or canceling shipments. Many complaints are unresolved meaning the company failed to properly address the complaint allegations or their response was inadequate. Some complainants dispute that credits or refunds are actually received.

Address:   5300 Ontario Mills Parkway Unit 400
Ontario, CA  91764
Tel: (800) 659-3588
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Web Site:
Contact:   Mark Adamson – Contact
Business Start Date:   1/19/2009
Summary and Analysis of customer complaints and company responses:

The following shows the number and responses to complaints over the last 36 months:

25 Making a full refund, as the consumer requested
5 Making a partial refund
123 Agreeing to perform according to their contract
177 Refusing to make an adjustment
109 Refuse to adjust, relying on terms of agreement

0 Unanswered
0 Unassigned
439  Total 
Customer Reviews & Ratings
Norberto V.
        I signed up for a trial that should have cost me $1.95 but cost me $4.95. In addition, I came to find out that I had been enrolled into a long term membership program with them but also with various “partners”. From one order, I had to place three different calls and incur considerable shipping costs to return “unused portions” of the product, because I only had 14 days from the order date to cancel without facing an additional $180 in quarterly charges, as the product costs $59.95 per month, shipped and billed quarterly. Admittedly, all of this was in the very “fine print”, that I did not notice until after the order was placed. In the end, the advertising concept is deceptive and misleading. 

Lori L.
        Purchasing AcaiBurn has been nothing but a headache. On the day that I purchased AcaiBurn, I was told that I would be charged 4.95 for the S&H. However, that night I not only had a charge for 4.95, I had three charges for $58. They said there was a glich in the system and the money was held for nearly 7 days by their company before they returned it to me.
After 2 weeks of the product I decided to cancel. I was on hold for nearly 5 minutes and the whole time I hear the message, “pass along your unused portion to a friend and let them experience the power of the acaiberry”.

So I cancel my order and pass on my portion…Big mistake! I was just billed $58 because I did not return my “FREE” TRIAL portion! Now I have to track down the bottle, insure it, certify it and send it back in order to get my money back. It all seems very scammy and unnessicary.

In addition to this hassle, as another commenter noted, they atomatically enroll you into their partner companies Comprehensive Wieght Loss and Insider Secrets, whom do not provide a product but only feel at liberty to take money from your account. When I called to say they did not disclose themselves as terms to my purchase, they said that by purchasing AcaiBurn I automatically authorized them to my account information. When I asked for a refund, and was given a curt reply, “We have a no refund policy.”

Please do not purchase this product! I wouldnt even give one star, but it seems thats as low as you can go.

Nathalie L.
        Acaiburn is a SCAM big time! I ordered the “free”trial, was charged 4.95$ for S&H. However, I did not read the terms and conditions. The thing is that you’re on pressure to hurry with your order. 2 days later, I googled the name of the company. Oh surprise!! I read a lot of rewiews, I was panicking, I cancel my credit card right away. The same night, I called each of the 3 customer numbers to cancel all my account. I was told that too late, I was going to be charged 59.95 as a monthly supply. As I said: Well, that’s too bad for you, but I cancel my credit card and you won’t be able to pursue your scam with me”.

I received my pills one week later. I started to take them today. Yes, I will take them all, I paid 4.95 for this “free” stuff. I don’t care.

Be aware of this company and of everything that is free. It’s too good to be true. I feel dumb and stumpid. Lesson learned…big time!!!
Alicia g.
       I visited to view their “free” 14-day trial. The website only allots a certain amount of time before a message pops up freezing the web page and states that the “session will end soon”. You are only allowed a certain amount of time (I believe 3 minutes) to review the information. In the amount of time that was allowed, I did not see membership details that states you are automatically billed for a 60 days supply. The offer details that is clear on the page reads “you will be billed $4.95 for the shipping of your 14-day trial then once you choose to continue losing weight with Acaiburn System the low member price of $59.95 for every month. And Remember, theres never any obligation, you can cancel your membership at any time by calling 1-800-659-3588.” Upon doing this 9 days after I ordered, I found out that I will not only be billed $4.95, I will also be billed $59.95 for the remaining pills. This is very misleading as it does not state they will be sending you 60 days worth of pills. When I called to cancel I was given a cancellation number. This company did not clearly state I was going to be billed nor could they give me any information other than, “refer to the membership details”, which I never seen. Acai Burn claims to have sent me an email that states these charges but of course I did not receive it. I will be disputing these charges through my financial institution and being that I manage a Fraud department, I will do everything in my power to restrict my card holders from using the website to purchase this. I have seen more than my share of Regulation E Affidavit claims on this same company. I anticipated that by reading the “fine print” I would not fall victim to this, however that is not the case. The following is all the phone numbers required to cancel this “free Trial” :


I have learned that nothing is free even when it says “FREE 14 DAY TRIAL”. Please share this information so that no one else is suckered into this misleading advertisment.
Michael P.
        To cancel with these dam leeches you have to call all 3 numbers:

To cancel your Membership, Insider Secrets Access Pass and/or eBook Access Pass you must contact the appropriate customer service line by calling toll-free (800) 659-3588 for AcaiBurn, (866)-279-6513 for Insider Secrets and (800)-989-5907 for the eBook package. Please have your e-mail address and other Registration Data available for efficient processing of your cancellation order.

Absolutely amazing that a company can be so despirate to steal from people. Of course they will say the terms are there to read, but it is still stealing…no matter how you look at it. If this owner had his money taken this way (and I sure hope he does at one time or another) he would see why people are so upset.

Laura G.
     I received a call from acaiburn after I visted their webiste and filled in some info. I told them i wasnt intersted she went on to the sales pitch 14 days free and return if not satisfied. I asked how long do i have and she said once I receive product. she ran my credit card(debit card from my bank) an she said it was denied due to international company(I should have caught on then.)..I said forget it and she talked me into giving another card and said it was denied again..since thye are an internation company..i would have to call mastercard to appove it to go through a call to I was suspisous and told her to forget it..i was not interested she said are you sure I said yes..(this conversation ws suppose to have been recrded?) I receiced this in the mail 15 days info…just an number to call to cancel or send back. I went on line my bank got a number to call..they charged me 4.95 for shipping back on 4/3..I ..called..they were very rude . Told them i told them i didnt want it and refused back then. Asked her was she gong to rectify this and my charge for shipping she sais no….return it by tommorrow and ill wont get charded the 59.95..I asked to talk to someone higher and she said she was it. She was very rude ..So I have to pay for shipping and return. Called my credit ard of them said they are aware of this company and wont not allow this to go thru .I cancelled both accounts due to this….My advise Do Not ORDER or give any info……Credit cards company must be on to them!!!

Kare W.
        I also ordered Acaiburn. It did not work, so I cancelled my order within the time they gave me. I found a charge on my credit card anyway. So I called them and cancelled, again. Because they had no record of me cancelling in the first place. Then I found another charge on my card from a weight management program, which I did not agree to but they said when I hit the summit button, I also summitted to this. It was in the fine print. (Of course, I did not see it.) How convinent for them. I just can’t get away from unwanted charges on my card in regards to Acaiburn. I do not recommend this website to anyone. It just maybe a scam. LESSON LEARNED!!!

Raquel V.
    I found Acai Burn in the web site. I thought it was heaven sent. The web site mentions Rachel Ray and CNN as places where they have appeared as having a “Miracle” formula to lose weiht almost immediately. They have too much information to be read fast. It is impossible to find the part where it tells you that besides charging you 4.95 for a “Free” fourthe day trial, they are signing you into a “CLub” and will beging charging you $59.95 per month and you should be “happy” because their pills are worth around ninety dollars. But when you try to cancel, they tell you flat that you will be cancelled after you pay the first $59.95. They can’t or will not cancell you without you paying first tha $59.95. There is nothing you can do for them to stop that charge. You can plead with them, argue, do what ever and they will not stop that charge. IT is a scam. I dvise anyone do not even give them any of your debit or credit card information because they will charge you for things you don’t even remember agreeing to. They want your hard earn money. Be careful

Debra P.
    I ordered acaiburn free trial offer for 4.95 only to find out that it isn’t a free trial, it’s a scam. I spoke with a representative today to cancel any future shipments of this product. She told me to share my unused portion with a family member or friend. She also informed me that my credit card would be charged 59.95 for my FREE trial. I had to ask her 3 times for the mailing address before she would give it to me. I am returning the unused portion.
This company really has a racket going. They also signed me up for two other programs that I wasn’t even aware of till I pulled my paper work out and saw 2 other toll free numbers. At least I got to them before they charged me for anything. Maybe it’s a fine line, but their business practices seem like fraud. The product wasn’t usefull. This has not only wasted my money but it also wasted my valuable time.

karla c.
         I also ordered the product and paid the 44.95 S&H. The product did absolutely nothing for me. I did manage to send it back and tracked it. That was 6 weeks ago, I called twice to get the refund and was told it would be coming in 2 weeks. I called again and I am still waiting for it. However, another dilemna appeared. I noticed charges coming out of my checking for $9.95 per month twice in 1 month and $4.95 twice in one month. This was in relation to their website. Apparently, Insider Secret Tips has been billing me telling me that I signed up for the “free newsletter” and joined their club. Don’t remembe doing that…………….they are all part of a huge scam. Supposedly, I am getting a refund but I think the BBB needs to get with companies and do something.

Connie M.
         I can not recommend AcaiBurn to anyone. I ordered their 14 day free trial for a s/h charge of $4.95. After ordering it I read the Terms and Conditions, which stated that if you don’t cancel within the 14 days, you will automatically be sent another bottle for the low price of $59.95 and will continue monthly until you cancel. The problem is – YOU CAN’T CANCEL. The phone #s don’t work or just give you a message. You can’t leave a message, and their 24/7 chat line is always offline. The 14 day trial isn’t free either. They state that it starts the day it is shipped, not the day you receive it. The problem is that you don’t receive it for 2 weeks after ordering it eventhough they send you the email saying they shipped it within 4 days of ordering it. You don’t even get to try it out. I read many reviews out there currently that have had the same problems and more. Be careful!
Mark H.
        I ordered a “Free Trial” for both myself and my wife for $4.95. We took the product for 2 weeks and it didn’t really do anything for either of us, but because we both did not return the product within 14 days our “Free Trial” become 2 full blown orders of $59.95. The original $4.95 is only a Shipping/Handling cost which isn’t real clear. They also sign you up for some free weight loss counseling service and weight loss website service that if you don’t cancel within one week you start seeing charges for both to the tune of $9.95 and $4.95 respectively. Since I ordered the “Free Trial” for both of us I was being charged double time. So to sum things up, just to get 2 weeks of “Free Trial”, my credit card was charged $219.55! I had received another months worth of the product for $59.95 because I hadn’t cancelled mine, but I cancelled my wife’s before they had sent out her next months. I had to call 3 different phone numbers to canx all these “Free” services and to get rebates that I haven’t seen yet on my credit card. I’ll keep you posted, but I’m out the $9.90 postage and the postage for sending back the amount my wife and I didn’t use to the tune of another $5. So basically I’m out about $20+ and a couple hours of my time I’ll never get back for this “Free Trial”. I would recommend you stay away from AcaiBurn and just go for a walk instead…it would be more benefitial to your health and overall stress level.
I will say this though…the customer service reps I spoke with were very nice and helpful and didn’t try “Sell” me on not cancelling my orders.

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One Response to “BBB Rates / Acai Nutraburst “F””

Comment from Robert
Time October 19, 2009 at 10:48 PM

Below seems to be a response from Acaiburn customer service? The submission however did not have an email address from the official Acai Burn website and was provided by Robert. Consumer Acai burn users please see the response provided below:


If there was some confusion about your subscription, we honestly didn’t mean to inconvenience you in any way. 

Our goal is not to inconvenience our customers’ .The terms and conditions of our offer are very visible on the

order page, they are stated on the order page where you confirm your order, located directly to the top of where your credit card information was entered. There is also a link at the bottom of the home page that opens up the terms and conditions in a separate window. Customer service is our number one priority and we do everything we
can to be open with all of our customers. Of course, mistakes can be made; and if you were not aware of our terms and conditions in our site, we are happy to offer you a full refund if you return the unused product back to us. We have always honored our 60-day guarantee and will continue to do so.

You can talk to customer support seven days a week. Our U.S.-based help lines are also staffed each and every day of the week to respond to any questions you may have both before and after your order. Simply call us at 888-591-2190 or visit our 24/7 live help at www . /contactus.php and we will be happy to walk you through the entire cancellation process.

Your satisfaction is our number one concern,