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Acai Advanced
by    dutchrulz 

Complaint Rating:
DO NOT TRY OR PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT. IT IS A MAJOR SCAM!!! They will do everything in there power to keep you from getting your money back. Even if you return product back before trial period is up they will still charge you money monthly, and you will end up on the phone for hours trying to… 

Advanced Acai 
by    Christian
Unauthorized charges

Complaint Rating:
Bottomline…I was aware of their dirty tricks and canceled within the trial period and refused acceptance of the product via USPS. They billed my credit card and after many attempts agreed to credit me back and after waiting several weeks…still have not done so. Now, when I call the phone…
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Via Acai Advanced 
by    equilith
Confusing information

Complaint Rating:
The information is confusing & they charge a full amount after 15 days when their ad is misleading & makes you think you have 30 days. The they immediatlly ship an additional bottle & sign you up for a website membership at 24.95 which I did not subsribe to and don’t even have…


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