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AccuSlim Reviewed

AccuSlim is a diet pill that contains a cocktail of ingredients to help you lose weight. AccuSlim uses the usual marketing buzz seen with many diet aides and claims its weight loss product is ;Fast Acting, Super Sexy, Dream Diet Pill this is the official Accuslim website text.Perhaps the marketers of Accuslim are refering the to picture of the girl in the silver swimsui that is sexy? However,Accuslim™ contains a fairly generic blend of ingredients. Below is the list Accuslim’s ingredients:

Chromium Chelavite™
Advantra Z™
Rhodiola Rosea
Green Tea Leaf
Oriental Ginseng

AccuSlim is designed to reduce sugar cravings and carb craving. Also, it decreases the amount of fat your body stores while preserving lean muscle. Finally, it reduces your appetite while containing no Ephedra. So, the idea here is to combine several ingredients in one diet pill such that you get the benefit of all of them. Accuslim is yet another post-Ephedra diet pill hoping to get a slice of the huge diet industry pie.

While the ingredients are believed to have these various beneficial
effects, little or no scientific evidence exists to prove they do. Also, even if the ingredients did work, it’s unclear if the dosages provided in a pill like this are effective. Have you used Accuslim? Let us know what you think, click the contact us link at the top of the page and make your experience heard too.

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Time July 6, 2009 at 11:10 PM

I tried Accuslim and it did not do much for me. Without question there are more potent more powerful diet pills on the market. While Accuslim sounded great it did not provide the appetite suppression I need. My problem has always been over-eating. So something that control my cravings would do a lot more for me. Good luck to all.