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Accelis Diet Pill Reviewed
The Accelis diet pill is a stimulant free alternative diet pill with an astonishing weight loss claim that it will “help you lose an average of 10.65 pounds fast.”  While the Accelis diet pill claims to have a clinical study to support their astonishing weight loss claims, and without any side effects, such claims clearly sound too good to be true to apply to most diets.

Accelis Diet Pill Ingredients

Accelis’ primary ingredients seems to include lagerstroemia speciosa l extract, caffeine free green tea, caffeine free oolong tea, and caffeine free white tea among others. And low and behold the clinical study Accelis cites in its marketed was conducted exclusively on the lagerstroemia speciosa ingredient and not the specific mix of ingredients and quantities in the Accelis weight loss formulationn.  While, some tea with natural caffeine,  ingredients are helpful as stimulatns, Accelis claims to only use caffeine free teas?  Which would negate their stimulative effects.

Accelis Diet Pill Summary

While Accelis bills itself as stimulant free, however the potential side effects suggest the potential for stimulant like effects?  Even worse, Accelis diet pill is a mere 30mg blend that is to incorporate all the teas and other ingredients listed.  Accelis seems too good to be true?

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