Acai Berry Select

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Acai Berry Select Reviewed
Our research reveals that AcaiBerry Select, yet another acai berry diet pills, incredibly claims to increase metabolism, increase fat oxidation, fight fatigue, increase energy along with a regular diet and exercise routine.   While, Acai Berry Select provides an online weight loss support group with tips from others it does require dedication of time to review the information and follow through on it.

Acai Berry Select Ingreidients

Acai Berry Select is made with Caffeine, B vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein omega fatty acids, Green Tea Extract, Chromium, Acai Berry Extract and L-Theanine.  The Acai Berry Select diet pill ingredients are extremely common and in various amounts.

Acai Berry Select Potential Side Effects

Stimulants like caffeine may cause high blood pressure.

Acai Berry Select Directions

Acai Berry Select instructs users to take a pill 20 minutes before breakfast and lunch along with a balanced diet and exercise.

Acai Berry Select – Another Acai ‘free trial’ offer

Acai Berry Select offers the typical acai berry diet “free trial offer” to try to trap customers in a not so free autoship program.  Acai Berry Select is offered in a 15 day free trial,  wherein consumers get an automatic shipment plan each month.  Alternatively you can buy Acai Berry Select single month for $39.95.

Acai Berry Select Summary

AcaiBerry Select diet hypes the media reports on the acai berry to convey their product is to be considered.  But, there are no endorsements or the product by the media.  Moreover, currently, there is no scientific evidence that the acai berry is the miracle diet pill marketed.  Acai is simply a good  antioxidant just like red grapes are.  Finally, Acai Berry Select does not  use all that much acai in their product and thus it is not credible most dieters can acheive significant permament weight loss here.

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