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Internet Acai Berry rip off scams promise rapid fat loss while stealing your credit card infomation and charging away.


Since the national media outlets and celebrity personalities like Oprah, Dr. Oz and Dr. Perricone have been telling everyone about the health benefits of the acai berry of Brazil it seems that new acai berry products are being produced left and right. While some are very effective for overall health some acai berry products are making outrageous claims that you can lose 45lbs of fat in 60 days.

When people invest in a fat loss product or program they want rapid fat loss results and they want to feel that they are given value for what they paid for. The last thing that people expect to do is get ripped off and this is exactly what is going on with the acai berry internet scams. “These scams artists are out to get your money and they do not care who they rip off”, states-Nii_Wilson.

The acai berry scams or any fat loss scams usually have a pattern or a particular style.  You want to avoid these scams like the plague and also avoid future scams to come, below are the general components of the scam:

1) These acai berry scams seem to be targeting mainly women since statistically women are more eager than men to pay for and find solutions for their fat loss goals weather it be diet pills or personal training.
2) These acai ads will appear in GOOGLE and say something to the extent of
“See how Becky lost 27 pounds in 30 days” or “See how I lost 45 pounds in 2 months without diet and exercise The ads will usually have a female’s name in the ad. Some will have a “dual action” colon cleanse product along with them.
3) They websites are either BLOGS or Websites that almost always have the same before and after pictures. Some of these before and after pictures on the acai berry blogs and websites are being stolen from other websites of hard working personal trainers that spend countless hours to get their clients results.
4) These products also use the logos of National Media outlets such as ABC , CNN, and celebrity pictures of Dr. Oz, Oprah, Dr. Perricone, Rachel Ray, and countless others. If they don’t get your money with the celebrity “testimonials” they will probably get you to buy into “the regular stay at home mom that lost weight eating cheesy poofs, corn dogs, and pizza without diet and exercise”

” DO NOT be confused these celebs are endorsing health benefits of a fruit not a particular product and especially not for fat loss. I am sure we can all remember the grapefruit diet. I personally don’t know how these websites are still in operation using celebrity pictures and trademarked logos and passing them off as valid testimonials. As a professional it makes me sick and I am sure they are crossing some legal boundaries”, states-Wilson.

5) FREE 30 day trial. What they do tell you yet people fail to read in the “terms and conditions” is that your trial typically starts when you order and the product can take up to 15 days to get to your doorstep. So basically its a 15 day trial and once your credit card is charged there is practically nothing you can do since you agreed to THEIR terms and conditions.

Nii_Wilson-is-US-ARMY veteran, boot camp fat loss expert, and is the creator and founder of Athletic Training Systems and Boot Camps , a fat loss and fitness boot camp targeted to women.

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