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AbGone Reviewed
Remember the Relacore TV late night commercials?  Well, AbGone is yet another cortisol diet pill.  Now, keep in mind that similar claims like these are already got a number of weight loss pills in trouble with the FTC.  AbGone claims it is designed to minimize cortisol levels which have been linked to abdominal fat and can cause fat gain.   Moreover, incredibly AbGone claims to start working within as little as 20 minutes to actually target abdominal fat? 

AbGone Ingredients

AbGone ingredients include phosphatidylserine, CLA, chromium polynitocinate and dandelion root.  While these may all be good ingredients, our research revealed no ingredient yet scientifically tested on humans to target abdominal fat.  Moreover, Abgone does not seem to  list exact quantities of its ingredients, making it extremely difficult to determine the potential imact of its formula when it comes to real weight loss.  Of course, this could mean Abgone has small amounts of the active ingredients vs. more potent quantities needed to acheive results with more certainty.

AbGone Summary

While AbGone does not use harsh stimulants, it seems to lack any scienticially proven fat burners in quantities large enough to provide the potent results dieters may seek.  Finally, AbGone’s formulation is yet another cortisol diet pill, and the FTC has already attacked other  similar cortisol weight loss claims like for well advertised cortisol diet aides.

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