AbGone Awarded “Slim Chance Awards”

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The biggest loser on these diets is your bank account

By MELINDA_HEMMELGARN, M.S., R.D., a clinical dietitian
Meet Francie Berg, she’s the North Dakota nutritionist and tireless advocate for millions of overweight Americans who spend billions of dollars on worthless and sometimes dangerous diet products.

“Today’s economic downturn can remind us how foolish it is to waste money on unsafe, ineffective and energy-draining weight loss efforts,” Berg said.

“There are countless scams out there,” she added. Some can cause injury and even death, but we keep biting at lures for the latest formulations and approaches hoping that this one is somehow different.

Federal agencies charged to protect consumers can’t keep up, so each January, Berg dishes out her “Slim Chance Awards” to identify the worst weight loss schemes of the prior year and help us recognize fraud. She hopes to steer us away from dieting and toward healthier lifestyle habits instead.

Here are Berg’s biggest losers:

Worst claim: AbGONE. Berg found full-page newspaper ads claiming AbGONE was “proven to promote pot-belly loss” by increasing fat metabolism, suppressing appetite and inhibiting future abdominal fat deposits. But these claims qualify as drug claims, and because AbGONE is sold as a “dietary supplement,” it does not have to receive Food and Drug Administration approval before going to market. The ads claim no added diet and exercise are needed, until you read the fine print disclaimer, which says, “Diet and exercise are essential.” Beware of diet products claiming to specifically eliminate abdominal fat and reread the disclaimer.

Melinda_Hemmelgarn- M.S., R.D., is a clinical dietitian, advocate for sustainable food systems and 2004-2006 Food and Society Policy Fellow. She lives in Columbia.

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