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7-DFB (seven day fat burner) is a diet pill designed to give you quick weightloss while detoxifying your body in just 7 days. 

7-DFB keeps it simple. 7 Days, that’s all you need. The average weight-loss people experience on 7-DFB is nearly 9 pounds in 7 days. The bottle of 7-DFB only contains enough pills for 7 days.

7-DFB is a detox. You may find that you have more bowel movements while taking 7-DFB, but this shows it’s working. It’s cleaning your body out of all those toxins that may be trapped in there.

7-DFB is also a fat-burner that speeds up your metabolism and prevents the storage of fat. 7-DFB contains many all-natural, herbal ingredients, too many to mention.

Many people find that 7-DFB works great in combination with other diet products. It is often sold with Orovo.

You can purchase 7-DFB and Orovo products directly from the Orovo Website.

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