5 Factor Diet

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5 Factor Diet Reviewed?

The 5 Factor Diet is a book and web site with celebrity weight loss testimonials of the the 5 Factor Diet.  The 5 Factor Diet’s uses the strategy of sets of five actions, melas, etc…  The 5 Factor Diet comes with a five week plan, five ingredient meal plans, five meals per day, along with 25 minute exercise routines.  The 5 Factor Diet also comes with five days of ‘cheating’ during the course of the diet that you can take a break from dieting on.

5 Factor Diet Program

The 5 Factor Diet program is offered through the book along with the online website.  While the online meal plan program can help you lose weight, it is somewhat rigid and will cost you five dollars per week.  For most dieters with demands at work, home and family it may not be practical to prepare 5 meals with 5 ingredients each day.  Not to mention that for some the 5 Factor Diet’s weekly website fee on top of the cost of the book may be a turn off for some dieters.

While dieters can achieve weight loss with the 5 Factor Diet, there are no uncovered tips or tricks used.  Rather, very basic diet and exercise are used to shed the pounds in the not-so-unique 5 Factor Diet book and online system.  But then again, we all already know we need to eat healthier and exercise?  Why shell out five dollars a week for information on calorie reduced more rigid meals and exercise that you can get free on the web?

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