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4321 Diet & Detox is an herbal weight-loss formula based on “Chronobiology”.  

4321 Diet & Detox will burn (thermogenesis), purify, cleanse and boost all with proven herbal components. It will get your liver and kidneys to function smoothly.

The idea behind “Chronobiology” is that your body’s metabolism goes in cycles. Thus, it has different needs at different parts of the day. 4321 Diet & Detox Day and Night tries to specifically address those needs with a different capsule for day and night.

4321 Diet & Detox is a liquid concentrate. You mix it with water, then drink it during the day. It has a refreshing iced tea taste, some people like to add a little lemon to it.

The main ingredients in Diet & Detox are: Mate Leaf extract, green tea leaf extract, malt of barley root powder, Fennel fruit powder, Kola nut extract, lemon balm extract, grapemax (grape seed extract), celery seed powder, white kidney bean powder, chicory root powder, and Hawthorn berry powder.

There’s an intensive 10 day weight loss phase initially, then you shift to a maintenance program for at least 15 days. You can do another 10 day phase after 45 days of maintenance. Diet & Detox is made by Health From The Sun.

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